Palms Of Faith Massage Therapy -
Sarah Cole, LCMTB- Founder- Retired

    My name is Sarah and  I have been happily married since 2006 and we have three beautiful babies . Our family attends  Freeway Church ( previously named Albion World Outreach) and we try everyday to follow God wherever he may lead us.
    I have been doing massage therapy since 2005.  I was certified through Baker College of Jackson and I spent the first five years of my career working in Chiropractic. The next two years I ventured out to the spa and physical therapy settings. In working in so many different settings I have gained a lot of different experiences. The chiropractor and physical therapy center taught me how to work on specific injuries and muscles, whereas the spa taught me to be more relaxing and soothing even when doing deep tissue. I have come to the same conclusion, no matter where I am working.That conclusion is; I absolutely love to help people who are in pain to feel relief! I love to see the results of a massage. A massage should make you feel better as a whole, not just one part of your being. A massage should rejuvenate your mind, body and soul! To be able to do that for someone in need brings a great peace and joy to me as a massage therapist. I believe God gave me this gift to do massage, and I will use His gift to the best of my ability to help others and to honor HIM. Do to unforeseen health reasons, I am facing the need to have a career change. In January 2019 Rachael will be taking over as the new owner of Palms of Faith as I pursue an alternate career path. This is saddening to me as I love what I do, and you all. Your prayers on this journey are appreciate. I know you all will be in more than capable hands with Rachael though! Thank you all for your years of love and support!

Rachael Morrison- LCMTB- Owner

My name is Rachael and I have been happily married since 2017.  My husband and I do not have any children yet, we are trying to spend as much time together before children as possible.  We attend Jackson Church of God here in Jackson, my husband’s father is the pastor.  We try our hardest to make the godliest of choices when it comes to everything in life.  Which is one of the biggest reasons I was lead to work with Sarah here at Palms of Faith.  I began my massage career in 2017 when I graduated from Baker College of Jackson. My Passion is helping people feel their best! I believe that relaxation is the “key” in beginning the health process and promoting great self-care.  I am constantly continuing my education in order to help all my clients achieve wellness.  God plays a role in everyday life and I believe he is using me to help you feel your best through massage therapy. 


 Location:  2111 wildwood ave.  Suite B. Across from dollar general. In with Integrity Health and wellness. 
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